Children of the stars

To look up at the night sky is to be reminded, on a teeny tiny scale, just how wonderfully small we are in the greater scheme of things. Like looking at a suitcase full of cash and trying to guess how much is in there, when you’ve never actually seen more than a couple of hundred bucks. How can you accurately quantify this?

Our little blue planet so beautiful and bountiful, so rich with resources and life and yet so easily taken for granted by those who need it the most. Where would we go if Earth didn’t exist or was no longer inhabitable? The science that enables us humans to be able not only to see but also study the universe, to understand our place and our lives on a grander scale is a reality check.

As the great Felix Baumgartner said, “Sometimes you have to go up really high in order to understand how small you really are.”

Check out this beautiful interactive 3D tour of the stellar neighborhood and meditate a little bit on the amazingness and intricacy of our existence.

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