Living Consciously 🌎

People know that we should and could be living more consciously, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. Take your own canvas bags to the supermarket, use metal straws, bamboo tooth brushes, environmentally friendly cleaning many little things in our daily lives that seem small as individual acts, but power in numbers can change everything.

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From the trash we collect on our own beaches to videos on Facebook showing all of the glaringly obvious ways that we have done irreparable damage to our beautiful planet, our home, it’s not hard to explain WHY we should. The more important question is HOW we should.



For those of us that recycle already, good for you! Unfortunately when you see videos like this one you understand how far the problem really extends . As soon as that waste leaves our houses in its perfectly sorted bins, we feel good about our actions, but what happens when those actions are futile? There is one solution and it’s becoming increasingly clear – we need to eliminate plastic from the source!

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