Music x Science

Life without music? No thank you. But that’s just a personal preference. I have friends who much prefer spending time in silence, friends who only enjoy live music, and then there are those who experience musical anhedonia. Each to their own.

Much like the ability of the moon cycle to affect the tides and our moods (we are, after all, 70% water) there are some scientific facts that are more than just beliefs. That the “beat” of waves hitting the beach is the same as our resting heart beat, that syncing your breathing with the sea is calming, that many aural meditation contains sounds from the sea cannot all be coincidental.

Here’s some interesting science about music. After listening to a song for around 5 minutes, your heart beat syncs up with the beat of that music. Apparently this is caused by something called Entrainment.” According to Wikipedia (the simplest explanation I found); “Entrainment¬†in the¬†biomusicological¬†sense refers to the¬†synchronization¬†of organisms to an external perceived¬†rhythm, such as human¬†music¬†and¬†dance¬†such as¬†foot tapping.”

The Spotify playlist below, one of my favourites, is ”scientifically proven” to contain songs that are biologically relaxing. The first song,¬†Weightless starts at 60 BMP (beats per minute), and then slows to 50 BMP – just like a calming heart rate that naturally leads the body to lowered blood pressure and less anxiety.

Now I don’t know if this is all completely true, BUT, when I am working with this playlist on I do find myself calmer, more clear-headed and anxiety free. Coincidence? Decide for yourself.

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