PHEE – seaweed and innovation

PHEE describe themselves as creators of ”natural end products from the dead leaves of seagrass Posidonia Oceanica.”

If you live in Greece you know that most of our beaches are covered in washed up seaweed or sea grass. There is so much of it that it has to be collected each year by the municipalities, putting a strain on municipal budgets and more importantly disposing of tons of a natural substance that could be used in a more beneficial way.

Beautiful but not great for the environment

I absolutely love, and am so proud of the fact that it is a Greek company that has taken the initiative to use something that we naturally have in abundance. Something that is actually considered waste now being processed in a way that breathes new life into something dead – awesome!




Check out their website for more information.


P.S. PHEE have also collaborated recently with Zylo Eyewear and created a line of sunglasses – check them out here.

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