Natura Siberica

This beautiful line of organic cosmetics is made from wild Siberian herbs.  According to their website, these local herbs were made into healthy and beauty elixirs for the Russian royal family. Apparently in the 1940s, two botanists studied thousands of plants and herbs and finally identified a dozen adaptogens within them. These adaptogens survived the Ice Age and one of the planet’s most unforgiving environments. As a result, they possess rare qualities which help to enhance wellbeing and are renowned for slowing signs of ageing on our skin.

Very cool origin story aside, these products also come highly recommended by my local beauty expert, and for good reason. I tried this deep cleansing facial soap and loved it! It’s easy to apply, smells great and made my skin feel incredibly soft and fresh. Sophisticated packaging, natural ingredients and positive results. I look forward to trying the rest of their line!


And another feel good factor? All Natura Siberica ingredients are gathered by the indigenous people of Siberia, helping a scarce population not only take care of their families but also preserve their unique, natural resources.

Oh, and their men’s line is gorgeous! Check it out below.


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