One of my favourite things to do with my buddies is to have a good game night – both board or card games may apply. Whether you think you’re a game lover or not, I’m pretty sure that there’s a game for everyone if they’re willing to give it a chance. I’m officially recommending the following games, tried and tested on my patient friends and so much better than staring at a screen the whole time 😵 Keep on training that brain while kicking back with your friends..ideal scenario 👌

  1.  cranium THIS GAME. Hours of laughter, many times battle of the sexes, whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues everybody loves it. If you’re a fan of multiple choice or general knowledge questions, Charades or Pictionary, spelling or acting, sculpting or humming…it has a little bit of everything! I can’t explain to you the level of entertainment you really have to experience it for yourself.

  2. 07mag-LoC-1-master768 Cards Against Humanity. Completely politically incorrect and absolutely hilarious. The more creative you are, the better it is. Lots of extra box sets available now too, so once you’ve played enough with the first deck to know it off by heart, you can refresh them 👌

  3. explodingkittens.png   Strategic, fast paced and extremely entertaining. Russian Roulette but with exploding kittens and lasers..need I say more?

  4. bucketofdoom
  5. Bucket of Doom..you are given highly unlikely situations where you are sure to die and insane random objects to create an escape plan. Extremely creative game with endless possibilities.

  6. rummikubAnd last but definitely not least, Rummikub. Our latest addition to the party, courtesy of my parents and godfather! Very addictive, fast paced and so fun once you master the strategy.

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  1. George and Katerina are now Rummikub aficionados! Great success!

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