Lizaan Jacobs

Lizaan Jacobs is one of a kind. I met her at a time in my life where things were completely turned upside down and something about her focused my manic energy. Thanks to my buddy (and great yoga teacher) Melina Gale, I was introduced to Lizaan at a yoga retreat on the island of Paros. I will be writing about that retreat separately as the things that I experienced, learnt and saw all deserve their own space to be as accurately described as possible. So, this spiritual gangster (something I picked up from Lizaan) showed me another way to hustle, another way to apply my wild energy. She created a space within the beautiful shalas we were lucky enough to practice in with her incense, music and positive vibes that I can recreate where and when I need it, using all of my senses.


Lizaan inspired me to think differently, not just in my personal life but also about yoga itself. Something about her attitude, her obviously deep love and awe for the practice of yoga and its teachings, juxtaposed with a kind of respectful irreverence and peppered with swear words I found completely captivating. Her overwhelming kindness, infectious energy and emotional transparency made me fall a little bit in love with her. Without me even realizing it, I (a very private person) came out of my shell with a group of complete strangers. Not an easy feat, especially with someone you’ve never met before.


Since the Paros retreat I also followed Lizaan to Bali on one of the most amazing trips of my life. I will also be writing about this in a different post.

Each retreat that Lizaan arranges is carefully balanced. From the style of yoga practiced morning (rocket ashtanga..unbelievable boost) and night (yin yoga..restorative meditation) to the people she has magicked who follow her wherever she goes, there is a sense of harmony throughout. Thanks to her I have met some humans who altered my perception about multiple things, taught me invaluable lessons and inspired me to change my direction in life completely.
I’ll be forever grateful.


So do yourself a favour and check out her website and her facebook page. On her website there are details about future retreats (dream scenarios) and if you’re lucky enough to be living in London, her class schedule!

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