One of my favourite teas of all time! And that says a lot considering I drink tea from morning to night. Thank you again to Lizaan Jacobs who introduced me to this amazing company. Each tea in their collection is inspired by one of the chakras and is as organic as possible, as they very honestly write on their site.

Apart from the fact that their teas are all super yummy and different, Positivitea strives to spread a message of positivity and philanthropy. They support the Darjeeling Children’s Trust which sponsors and repairs schools in India, providing facilities to disadvantaged children. Each teabag is made of GMO-free and biodegradable cornstarch and the ingredients are pro-sustainability.

They have also joined forces with Carbon Analytics to strive to improve their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint…bravo! Environmentally conscious and spiritually balancing. Tea lovers try some and tell me you’re not obsessed.

My favourite in the collection is IMAGINE – the third eye chakra blend. SO delicious. The box of each tea explains how the ingredients contribute to the balancing of the relevant chakra.


I leave you with one of my favourite tea quotes that Positivitea coincidentally has on their website.

“If you are cold, tea will warm you.
If you are heated, it will cool you.
If you are depressed, it will cheer you.
If you are excited, it will calm you.”



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