Adventure park

So I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a tree-top zip line paradise just a short drive from Athens. I’m so happy that some friends let us know about this awesome location a few years ago and we have a place where we can spend a great day outdoors, get our work out in and have a good laugh while doing it. Yep, that’s me up there in the photo giving it my all. It’s such a fun activity and if you think that you’re afraid of heights or have vertigo so you can’t do it, trust me when I say you are way too distracted focusing on the challenges ahead rather than looking down.


It really is quite beautiful there in the forest and the guys have built some very cool routes through the trees. They escalate in difficulty and there are courses for kids as well so if you need somewhere to entertain your littles for a couple of hours this is a good choice.

Check out the website and promo video for the park below to get an idea of what to expect. I suggest you bring gloves with grips and comfortable pants!

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