Eco-friendly apps 2018

I’m sure that you or someone you know has picked up litter while on a beach or while walking in nature. Someone who despairs when they see so much human trash washing up out of the sea or clogging up our bays and causing damage to our eco-system and local wildlife. If you don’t actually get down there and get rid of existing trash and also try and reduce your plastic use we might as well give up. There are so many ways to get involved and all it takes is a little research to find ways to make it fun and actually worth it. Even the best intentions without correct information can be a complete waste of time.

In my research into how I can start changing my anti-green habits and help preserve our beautiful planet I have come across a few innovative, interactive and fun ways to keep fighting the fight and not feel so alone while doing it.

Check out a couple of  apps that I found that are part of a cleaner, greener and tech-friendly world movement.

2 Minute Beach Clean


This app is pretty awesome. It makes beach cleaning (and general cleaning) part of a bigger movement. You photograph what you pick up and tag it in the app and you see the progress on a map. The sheer number of posts in the UK gives me hope for the future! It makes sense that people respond to the concept of camaraderie – when you’re part of a team it inspires you to do more. I want to start using and sharing this app in Greece..we have a lot of work to do! Go download the app for iPhone or Android and start tagging!

Check out the video below to hear the 2 Minute Beach Clean story.



Their concept is working towards a litter free world using a community that identifies, maps and collects the world’s litter. It’s really very clever – the geotags used on the map give some insight into areas where there is a higher level of trash, and the keywords used help identify the brands that are the most common. This information will be used to find more sustainable solutions with the relevant companies and organizations – loving the community vibe. I will be snapping and tagging away shortly..join me, wont you?

Find the app for iPhone and Android. Invite your friends – let’s make this a thing!


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