Musical Sundays for the kids 😍

As of February 11th there is a very special classical music and dance performance happening at Βέμπο theatre in Athens. What makes it so special? It’s for your kids!

Using music, dance and lights, my friend and talented composer Dionysios Giampanas and dancer Sara Toscano have created a fluid classical masterpiece that tells the story of the four seasons. Feel the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, the nostalgia of autumn and the cold of winter, while sitting very comfortably up close and personal to the performance.


What a beautiful way to spend time with your kids and also teach them about classical music, nature, elements and dance! They are receiving stellar reviews all around, so don’t miss it! Highly recommended for all my buddies with kids (and without!).

Composer: Dionysis Giampanas
Cello: Nikos Ionas
Flute: Thodoris Pistolas
Piano: Dionysis Giampanas
Percussion: Solis Barki
Dance: Sara Toscano

Where? Βέμπο Theatre, 18 Karolou Street, Athens (Metaxourgeio Metro Station)
When? Every Sunday from 11th February to 25th of March, 11:00am and 12:30pm

€15 for baby up to 18 months + parent
€20 for baby over 18 months + parent
(€5 for adult without child)

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