Origin Story

Once upon a beautiful Greek summer in 2015, a little business called Boards and Babes was born on a beach in Karystos, on the island of Evia.

It started out as a couple of SUPs, kayaks and big ideas with smiles to match.

As of 2017 no more beach, but the lessons learned on the beach, from the people, from our adventures and from nature has shaped the new Boards and Babes path.


We have just opened our new retreat center in the mountains above Karystos. Check out Villa Kasteliand get in touch if you would like us to create your perfect retreat.

Wellness isn’t just about meditation and yoga and getting in touch with yourself, but also enjoying life, experiencing new things and making some great memories along the way. Respecting yourself, other humans and this amazing planet should be a way of life enjoyed daily, not a chore. 

So on that note, welcome to our wellness website. We try to follow a regime of mindfulness and everything in moderation. Lovers of food, nature and conscious living. Of technology, photography and adventures.

We hope you find something that you need.


Boards and Babes